A2ACE is Copyright by LA-Groove
A2ACE is Copyright by LA-Groove


RAPPER: K-Kanayo – royal blood flows through his veins. The London-born rapper has made a name for himself. In the course of his musical career, he has been immensely successful around the globe. Yet he often likes to perform using various pseudonyms. His performance on stage is explosive. He has an individual, highly distinctive rap style. His parental roots are in Africa. K-Kanayo loves music. Besides being passionate about music, he is also actually a king in real life. Just recently, he succeeded his father to the crown, becoming the leader of his father’s tribe with a population of over 200,000. In addition to being a musician, he also fulfills his obligations as a king and tribal chief. Twice a year he visits his tribe. That ceremony resembles a state reception and the whole tribe celebrates its king for days on end. 

SINGER: Antonia S. – is A2ACE's lead singer. She is a high-powered woman who holds a doctor’s degree. She lives in the Mediterranean region for part of the year. Her looks lend the music act a special flair, while her distinctive way of singing and voice provide the perfect sound for this act. She too can look back on impressive musical achievements. Antonia S. is well known in many countries all over the world. She loves Europe, and especially Germany – which is why she enjoys traveling back and forth between Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Mediterranean area. As an extremely creative, disciplined, and athletic woman, she is not only passionate about music, but also has her own successful fashion label. Another topic she is passionate about is healthy eating and lifestyles. She is an absolute expert on this subject. That is why for several years now she has held the title of “Dr. of Holistic Nutrition,” meaning a Dr. of holistic, healthy diets and lifestyles. Antonia S. lives her dreams, and in her private life she likes to live a relaxed lifestyle.

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